Canvas Data: In with the New, Out with the Old




As the end of 2023 is approaching, we offer you a brief retrospective of what’s new with Canvas Data, an important reminder about migrating data to Canvas Data 2 as Canvas Data 1 reaches end-of-life this year, and references to useful resources for current and new Canvas Data users. 


2023 Retrospective

First, a new leader.  Last quarter, I joined Instructure as Sr. Director of Product Management for Instructure Data and Analytics.  I am so excited to join at this time when Instructure has laid the foundation for data and analytics with the 2023 launch of both Canvas Data 2 and Admin Analytics and several exciting announcements to come in 2024. I look forward to meeting many of you to discuss your data and analytics priorities. 

Next, we launched Canvas Data 2 in March after beta testing with some of the world’s largest education institutions. Canvas Data 2 streamlines data access, empowering customers and partners leveraging data to make informed decisions to improve student learning.

Specific enhancements include: 

  • Fast, reliable access to trusted data (refreshed in  <= 4 hours )
  • Scalability - built to high volume, variety and velocity of data
  • Efficiency  - incremental queries to reduce unnecessary data movement 
  • Manageability -  toolkit to support robust and sustainable analytic solutions e.g. Documentation, API specs, ERD and schema versioning 

By now, we expect you’ve gotten the message that Canvas Data 2 is a modern data analytics warehouse that will support innovative solutions to be delivered by Instructure, customers, and partners.  This will be the Instructure Data Access Platform for the future.  As such, we have been communicating that Canvas Data 1 will be deprecated at the end of 2023. 


Canvas Data 2 will be the Instructure Data Access Platform for 2024 

There is a process to onboard your data from Canvas Data 1 to Canvas Data 2 and effort required to migrate your analytics to the new schema.  If you haven’t started yet, please reach out immediately to your Customer Success team for how to proceed when access to Canvas Data 1 will be denied.  For more information about Canvas Data 2,  see: 


We wish you all the best in the holiday season and peace and joy in 2024.