Catalog shopping cart release update

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

As I have mentioned in my previous post, the engineering team is working on adding a shopping cart to Catalog. We have broken down this improvement into 3 different phases, and we will roll them out to Catalog Beta in 3 different steps.


The Shopping cart will affect multiple screens in Catalog. The main home page will have a shopping cart icon if an item is already added to the cart, the listing page (or details page) will have an ‘Add to Cart’ / ‘Remove from Cart’ button, and the enrollment congratulations page will also change a little. 

Since some of the institutions have their Catalog home and listing pages customized, we would like to make sure that you can see these changes as early as possible. The reason for this is that some Catalogs have custom colors for the header of the home page or the buttons of the listing page. In this case, the shopping cart icon and the ‘Add to Cart’ / ‘Remove from Cart’ button will have a different color as the other components. We would like to make sure that you have ample time to adjust the new icon and buttons’ parameters, if you wish to do that.

Consequently, we are going to add the shopping cart to Catalog Beta incrementally with the three steps noted above. This does NOT affect production—we are not going to release the shopping cart to production until December. So the incremental release affects ONLY Catalog Beta environments.

So as step 1, you will see the shopping cart icon in the header) and two new buttons on the listing page (next to the thumbnail and at the bottom of the page). Clicking the shopping cart icon will open the cart preview, and clicking Checkout in the preview will open the checkout page. Please note that the checkout page will not work properly yet, as it is still under development. 


Please stay tuned and keep an eye out for the Beta release.


UPDATE: Today (October 21, 2021) we have turned on the first batch of changes in the Beta environment. 

UPDATE 2: Yesterday (November 16, 2021) we turned on the second batch of changes in the Beta environment. This release contains the checkout page and the 'All Done' final page that we show once the payment / enrollment has gone through. 

UPDATE 3: Today (December 16, 2021) we have released the last batch of changes in the Beta environment. This is the scope of the January release. 

UPDATE 4: Today (January 5, 2022) we have released shopping cart to production.