Commons Beta

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We are happy to let you know that a Beta environment version of Commons is available. 


Why have we built it? 

Previously, Commons hasn’t had a Beta version, and even if you used Canvas Beta, it had production Commons configured with it. 


Having a Beta environment for Commons allows you to access a preview of what is coming. Admins can create trainings or guidelines, or simply play around with the new functionality before it comes to the production environment.


When does Commons Beta get released?

From now we will release improvements and new features to Beta first, just like the rest of Canvas.  We will release to Commons Beta at the same time as Canvas Beta. The next beta release is scheduled for 20 January, 2020 which includes features for the 15 February 2020 production release. 


How does it work? 

Similarly to Canvas, Commons Beta syncs with production every Saturday. While syncing, Commons functionalities will be unavailable on Beta. 


How can I get access to it? 

We ensure that if you use Canvas Beta, and you already have Commons configured for your institution, you will have Commons Beta set up in your Canvas beta environment automatically.

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