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Commons "Community Review" Tag

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What is "Community Review"?

​Any user can review content in Commons. But we want to prioritize giving feedback to users who actually want it! So, when sharing publicly, you will be prompted to tag a resource with 'Community Review' to actively request a review. Users can filter content with ‘community review’ and begin reviewing resources.


Rate and Write Good Reviews


In order to successfully review a resource, you have to interact with it.

  1. Search for content tagged 'community review'
  2. Import resource into a demo/sandbox course (if preview is unavailable)
  3. Leave a review for a resource in Commons
  4. (Optional) Direct Message the author of the resource in the community and open dialogue for follow-up.

For more information, check out these 5 Tips to Providing a Helpful Review in Commons


Where should I start?

Technically, you can rate and review anything in Commons. In an effort to surface exceptional content, we'd love to have more professional feedback on resources shared publicly. Check out the List of Suggested Resources for Review