Discussion Checkpoints Feature Update



Today, we're reaching out with an update on the anticipated release of our new feature, Discussion Checkpoints. We understand the excitement surrounding this addition to the Canvas experience, and we appreciate your patience as we strive to deliver a feature that meets your needs and expectations.

The journey of bringing checkpointed discussions to life has been thrilling and challenging. We want to transparently share that the feature's complexity caused us to reevaluate our initial approach to ensure its long-term sustainability and our ability to iterate on it in the future. Our development team is diligently working to build checkpointed discussions in a way that not only meets your immediate needs but also lays a robust foundation for future implementations in additional features across Canvas.

Given what we’ve learned throughout building this feature, we've adjusted our expected release timeline to the end of Q2 2024. We understand the anticipation but believe that taking the necessary time now will create a more polished and user-friendly experience for everyone. 

It's important to note that while checkpoints will be introduced within the Discussion Redesign, it is not directly tied to the body of work affecting the redesign. We want to avoid any confusion and emphasize that the delay in checkpointed discussions will not impact the rollout of the Discussion Redesign itself.

We value your feedback immensely and to keep you in the loop once our team has front-end work ready to share we will be reaching out to connect with customers to ensure that checkpointed discussions align with your needs and expectations. 

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support. We're excited to deliver a checkpointed discussions feature that adds significant value to your Canvas LMS experience.