Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Instructure Products

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Based on feedback from our community, we have changed the icon for item banks and resources within Canvas LMS and Mastery Connect from a piggy bank to a file folder. We have recently received feedback from our users from various cultural groups that the pig has negative connotations, and we want all learners to feel comfortable using Instructure products. As a global company, we want to recognize the nuanced cultural differences and avoid using imagery that is offensive. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging and to serving all members of the Instructure family. 

What’s happening?

Our goal at Instructure is to boost teaching and amplify learning. This is only possible when educators, learners, and Instructure employees feel safe, respected, and supported. 

Part of this work is to listen to our community. As a global company, we are consistently listening and working to better understand the cultural differences of both our employees and our customers. This work takes place in our personal interactions, and it extends into the development of our products. 

One example of these efforts is in the recent change to the iconography for item banks in both Canvas LMS and Mastery Connect and the resources tab in Canvas for Elementary, which have historically been symbolized by a piggy bank icon. We understand that in many communities the pig has negative connotations, and we want all learners to feel valued and respected using Instructure products in every way possible. That’s why we have changed the symbol from a piggy bank to a file folder, which also more accurately reflects the functionality of the features. 

We are grateful to our community for bringing this to our attention so that we can learn from you. The dialogue we have with you empowers us to better serve all educators, learners, and employees and promote our values of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. 

We look forward to our continued work in creating products that enhance learning more equitably.


Date: In Production for Quizzes July 13 and Canvas For Elementary (C4E) July 06 2022. Mastery Connect will update icon by end of July 2022.

Segments Impacted: K-12 and HE 

Buyers Impacted: K-12 and HE Canvas LMS customers

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