Enable your Canvas Sub-account Level Access with Impact

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This month, we released our Canvas sub-account level access feature that was available to be enabled through a support request. Since then, we have released our new General Settings page that now gives you the power to enable this feature by yourself. 



For some instances, there may be additional configuration required in order to enable this feature. If that is the case, you will see a tool-tip advising you to contact support to ensure that we have everything set up correctly. 




Please submit a support ticket through the Impact Help Desk or email support-impact@instructure.com, and we will enable this feature for you with your sub-account structure.


To learn more about sub-account level access and read some FAQs, please read our Impact blog. You can also check out our guides for more instructions about how to use sub-account level access.

Sub-account level access Release Notes

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