Exciting Roadmap Layout Changes

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Hi Community,

It’s great to meet you all, officially. My name is Mackenzie Hughes and I am the Director of Product Operations here at Instructure. My team is responsible for optimizing how our Product Team works by creating processes, frameworks, and systems to improve how we develop products for our customers.

I’m excited to share changes we’ve made to the layout of the roadmap based on feedback that we’ve heard from you regarding release timing and reasons behind roadmap item delays.

As of today, you can now see which roadmap items have been released and which ones will be ready by July 2023, as well as any features that may be updated, meaning there was a change in timing or scope. Updated roadmap items will be accompanied by a blog post from the Product Manager that will provide you with more context. 

To make it easy to find which roadmap items have an important update, rather than having to sift through the entire roadmap, you will notice a white circle on the blue theme bar which indicates that there is an update to check out.

We will be refreshing these updates at the end of every month.