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Feedback Opportunity: RCE UX Polish

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We're considering making a few small changes to workflows in the RCE to better align with user expectations, design best practices, industry standards, and other words that would look right at home in a coprorate press release.

If you're interested in providing some feedback on the proposed changes you can participate in the <5 min test below.

As always, Thanks for helping make Canvas better!

RCE UX Testing

Community Participant

I'm confused. I got a Global Announcement that read, "If you, as a user, would like to provide feedback to Canvas about the proposed changes, take a quick (<5 min) survey at" The RCE UX Testing wasn't a survey and didn't seem to offer anything new. It only asked me to perform three super-simple tasks, and the window wouldn't even let me make any mistakes. For example, when it asked me to add a link, I couldn't type in the window or scroll. The only thing that worked on the page was the link button. What kind of test was that? 


@jbielecki, sorry the term "survey" was misleading. I'll find where that copy is written and see if it can be updated to refer to "user testing" instead of a "survey". As for the content itself, I can't say too much without potentially influencing others who might take the test but I will say that it measures more than it lets on to help us see if potential changes, even seemingly tiny ones, are positive or not.

Thank you for taking the time to participate and share your feedback!