Greetings from Budapest as part of the Portfolium team

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Hey Everyone, I’m Dalma and I joined the Portfolium team as a Product Manager a couple of weeks ago. The whole culture at Instructure is such a breath of fresh air. The people are amazing here!


I started off my career as a PM at a fintech startup. One thing hasn't changed since then, my motivation to understand and actively listen to the needs of the people(not just the users!) and turning it into an awesome product. I can’t wait to show you the new ePortfolio solution we are building with the team. Also, to hear your feedback, both positive and negative, so we can make it even better with your help!


A little bit personal about me, I spend most of my freetime with Bombi, my dog, who you can see in the picture below. He just visited Croatia last week with us on a family trip. He didn’t like swimming, even though we got him a cute shark tailed life-jacket. Screenshot_20220811_091431.jpg

 (Sleeping was more appealing for him.)


I love baking on weekends, like all kinds of sweets and salty pastries. I can unwind the most by playing Fortnite or by expanding my plant collection. Also, it is not always that easy to keep the plants alive so my visits to the shops are more regular than some would imagine. 1660202586191.jpg (From left to right and top to bottom: crescent filled with homemade sausage, Hungarian snow crescents with walnut, cocoa rolls with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and linzer how my grandmother taught me.)


The best part of working at Instructure is that we as a collective and company contribute to the education of so many children and adults too. One of the things I’m most passionate about is activism and education is tied to that heavily. Too many things to focus on but dolphins are very close to my heart and being aware of what the captive dolphin industry does to them should not be taken lightly. Screenshot_20220811_095633.jpg

 (No dolphin volunteers for life in captivity. Don't buy a ticket to see captive dolphins.)


I’m excited to share with you what the future holds for the Portfolios in Canvas. Stay tuned for a sneak peak soon!