How to Use the New Caption Editor in Studio? (+Video)

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Video cutting in Studio is on fire. We are now over 20,000 cut videos since October which clearly indicates how much needed it was in your everyday Studio usage. As part of our content creation plans, we’ve long been aware that fixing errors in auto-generated captions is a regular activity that supports learning content to be accessible. From today, you will get to fix these errors in significantly less time than before. No more scrollin’ up and down in the editor, we added real-time updates and the editor is equipped with caption creation capability which will eventually reduce tools that you might have used besides Studio on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we improved our media player for students so that they can personalize their experience when watching learning videos. From an accessibility standpoint, captions can be enlarged and their colours can be inverted when better readability is required. On top of these, Studio now supports captions to be positioned on the bottom of the screen - something that we owe our teachers and students for a long time.

The following Studio embedded media will not only give you a quick walkthrough of these changes, but you get to also try out the personalisation first-hand! 


(video link)

This doesn't end our endeavours around providing better captioning in Studio. The team is now working with certain professional captioning vendors which provide captions with over 98% accuracy. The goal is for instructors and accessibility personnels to be able to add professional captions to Studio videos with the exact same level of easiness as you can do it with auto-generated ones today. If your institution is already partnering with any of them and you would be happy to get early access to see the benefit of the integration then feel free to drop me a message her. I'll reach out to you with some info and questions.





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