Idea Conversations: The Path Forward


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Today is the day! After reviewing our proposed path forward with various community members, we can share an outline of the next version of Idea Conversations!

Building on what we learned from you, we created the following guiding principles, which shaped our new approach:

  1. Clarity of success criteria: Establish an idea intake process that enables Instructure to understand the problems which need to be solved for which audiences and how we measure success in order to promote teaching and learning with Instructure products.
  2. Larger outcomes vs individual solutions: Lead with an outcome-based approach by aligning relevant ideas to larger product outcome themes.
  3. Targeted focus areas: Focus Community discussion and voting on a finite set of outcome themes. When evaluating new ideas, strike a balance of team capacity, target audience, time to value for users.
  4. Regular communication on priorities: Structured communication between the community and Product team to keep the community engaged. Create additional opportunities for outcome refinement conversation as prioritized outcome themes move through the product development process.
  5. Delivery: Deliver on highest value outcome themes within a 6-month timeframe.


So what will the new version be? Check out our infographic below which highlights the key components.



We’re working our way through multiple years of feedback, and we’ve had a chance to take a first pass at all ideas submitted in 2022 to see what common outcome themes emerged. We’re not done yet, but here are some of the most recent themes.


  • Grading
    • Surfacing Incomplete Assignments and Low Grades
    • Customizable Grading Approaches
    • Managing Grades Across Sections
    • Grading Flow Customization and Efficiencies
  • Assignments
    • Assignment Timing and Sorting
    • Decoupling Functionality From Requiring Assignments
    • Limit Assignment Viewing in Certain Cases
  • Courses
    • Flexibility In Course Visibility
    • Improvements to Copying Course Functionality


Over the next two months, our team will work hard to complete the analysis on over 5 years of history to pre-populate the outcome themes (so we don’t lose that rich history), and to build the new systems and processes to support this new approach. During this time, Idea Conversations will be in ‘read-only’ mode (starting today).

We will continue to provide updates to the community as we get closer to Go Live - which is targeted for February 1, 2023.