Idea Conversations: What Comes Next?

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Over the last few weeks, our team has brought cross-functional folks from across Instructure and customers from our community together to chat about the functionality requirements of Idea Conversations.  Our goal is to get to the root of everyone’s needs from Idea Conversations and have a well-rounded discussion on how we can build an updated solution that fulfills those needs and creates actionable insights for our product strategy.

What you’ve told us is needed for the next version of Idea Conversations: 

  • A safe space for community members to share what they need help solving in order to promote teaching and learning with Instructure products
  • Communication channels that consistently assist us in understanding the current problems at hand and to provide ways for us to ideate together on how best to solve them
  • A more present and consistent product voice
  • A way to provide the why behind product prioritization decisions, even when we can’t prioritize it


So what comes next? 

On November 30th, we will:

  1. Turn Idea Conversations to ‘read-only’ mode for ~60 days (through the end of January)
  2. Highlight the most common trends our team has identified from all the open ideas
  3. Provide an outline of what you can expect for the next version of Idea Conversations

“Wait, what? Idea Conversation is moving to read-only?” It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s what we need to complete our analysis of the existing 4,446 open ideas and efficiently transition to a scalable new solution by early 2023. We recognize there is very rarely one solution that solves everyone's needs, and the ultimate solution will best balance opportunities for input with a scalable way for active product team participation. 

Further, in an effort to be as transparent as possible and provide context, strategy, and insights on a regular basis we will be sharing a monthly Product Blog that spotlights use cases across our products and provides updates on any changes in product strategy or prioritization. 

We appreciate all of the input we have received so far and are looking forward to deeper opportunities to collaborate. We are working hard to develop the tools and processes which will make this process simple, fun, and enriching for our entire community. And while we are in this transition, please continue to leverage other resources available to you throughout the Community, our Support teams, and your CSM / CSM team.