Impact Roadmap Update: Virtual Assistant put on hold

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Dear Community,

We would like to share an update on the previously announced Virtual Assistant for the Canvas Tier 1 support experience. The technology landscape has changed materially since the work began (e.g. Chat GPT), and in understanding the need for improvement on the Virtual Assistant, we now have a greater opportunity to make the Virtual Assistant a best-in-class experience for all. Therefore, Instructure and the Impact team have decided to hold development on the Impact Virtual Assistant as we explore the viability of leveraging the latest in AI technology into creating a more powerful, streamlined, and tailored support experience for institutions. 

We at Instructure have set out to improve the overall support experience for our customers by reducing the amount of non-Canvas volume coming to our Support Agents, and it is still our intention to fill that gap and ensure we are fulfilling our obligation to support that process. 

With that in mind, we are continuing our maintenance and management of customer knowledge base consolidation, which will make knowledge base consolidation scalable going forward.  

Further, the existing in-app support center will remain a central focus of Impact’s value, providing tailored support articles and customizable options for institutions to ensure all users are getting the help they need. 

We would like to extend our gratitude to you, the Community, for your continued interest and engagement in this initiative, and special thanks to those who participated in the beta program.

We have many exciting new additions to Impact coming in the near future, and we are firmly committed to continuing our investment into the product as an essential component of our vision as a company and to your LMS and AMS infrastructure.