Improved Outcome Management for Individual Outcomes

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A few months ago, we released a better and more efficient experience for managing Outcomes in Canvas called Improved Outcome Management. Since then, we’ve continued to add functionality to this area such as the ability to define “friendly descriptions.” This was initially available only to those that had enabled the Account and Course Level Mastery Scale feature option. Since then, we’ve heard lots of input that those needing the flexibility to control calculation methods and rating levels per individual outcome would like to use the new experience. Very soon - you will be able to use Improved Outcome Management to do just that including the ability to navigate through a tree browser, search outcomes, and more all in a fully accessible and responsive experience. To give you a sense of how the new feature will look, see the screenshots below. 

Viewing Outcome Details in Improved Outcome Management



Creating an Outcome Including Setting Rating Levels and Calculation Methods


You’ll be able to test this experience in Beta soon. If you are interested, contact your CSM and talk with them about enabling the Improved Outcome Management feature option flag at the appropriate time. Also, check on my original blog and the feature overview on the Improved Outcome Management experience for additional information. 

In addition to this update, we’re in the design phase for an update to the experience for navigating alignments and identifying which Outcomes do not include them. Check back here for more details soon!

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