Innovating for Student Success: An Update on Pathways, Credentials, and more


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Credentials and customizable student pathways are becoming increasingly important to student success and emerging learning models. For our partner institutions who are using Canvas Credentials, Canvas Student ePortfolios, and Canvas Student Pathways, we want you to know that we, at Instructure, are committed to continuing to provide you, your educators, and your students with these powerful products designed to personalize the learning experience, while also working to innovate and evolve them.

To be explicit, Canvas Credentials, Canvas Student ePortfolios, Canvas Student Pathways, and Canvas Program Assessment will continue to be supported.

In the first half of 2023, we will be focused on scalability and stability while also continuing discovery work a more holistic solution that ties skills-based learning paths to student achievements, and brings them together in a comprehensive learner record.

Beginning in the second half of the year we will start integration efforts to elevate your experience by building more cohesive end-to-end flows across the pathway, course, badging and portfolio experiences. Our goal is to enable learners to show a complete picture of their lifelong learning, from the earliest years to advanced education to career achievements.

We’re very excited about the innovation in this space, and we will continue to keep you updated as well as look to incorporate ways for you to get involved.