Input Opportunity: Classic to New Quiz Outcome Alignment Migration

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Quiz Outcome alignments provide important opportunities for assessing student mastery on important standards or competencies within a Canvas LMS course. They offer teachers and instructors a data-driven way to facilitate differentiation and administrators the ability to track student performance in important areas to engage in continuous improvement efforts. While both Classic and New Quizzes provide the ability to create Outcome alignments, you may be aware that they do so in different ways. Outcome alignments are created for a Question Bank while in New Quizzes they are created on an individual item basis or for the assessment as a whole

We’re still in the discovery phase for handling this, and for that reason, we wanted to take this as an opportunity to get your input. Does your institution or district have Outcome alignments that need to be migrated? Click here for a 2-minute survey to help us identify the best way of handling the migration and transition. We appreciate your time and perspective!!