Introducing Evidence Submission in Canvas Credentials LTI


Dear Canvas Credentials Community!

At Canvas Credentials, we're dedicated to providing educators and administrators with the tools they need to create transparent and authentic learning environments. That's why we're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our Evidence Submission feature for Canvas Credentials LTI 1.3, scheduled to launch on March 25th.


Empowering Educators, Inspiring Learners

The Evidence Submission feature is a transformative addition to Canvas Credentials LTI 1.3, allowing administrators, instructors, and designers to require students to submit evidence when earning badges within a Canvas course. This feature addresses a crucial need within the educational community, ensuring transparency and authenticity in the badge awarding process.

Key Benefits of Evidence Submission

  • Enhanced Control and Flexibility: Administrators and instructors can define whether evidence submission is mandatory for specific badges, giving them greater control over the badge awarding process.
  • Transparent Badge Progress: With the addition of a new status indicator, educators can easily track the status of evidence submission for each badge in a learner breakdown, promoting transparency and accountability.
  • Streamlined Student Interaction: Students are prompted to submit evidence when required, streamlining the submission process and ensuring that they have a clear understanding of the requirements for badge attainment.

Striving for Equality: Bridging Legacy and New Versions

Recognizing the significance of feature consistency during your migration from the legacy to the updated Canvas Credentials LTI, we're reintroducing the Evidence Submission feature previously found in the legacy edition. This reaffirms our commitment to delivering a smooth upgrade process. Your feedback has been instrumental in prioritizing this essential functionality, ensuring our platform meets your expectations and requirements. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive credentialing solution, driven by your invaluable input.

How It Works

When adding a badge to a requirement using Canvas Credentials LTI 1.3 within a Canvas course, educators can simply check a checkbox to indicate whether evidence submission is required. This setting can be adjusted easily from the "All badges" and "Canvas badges" sections, providing maximum flexibility for instructors.

Once evidence submission is required, students within the Canvas course will be prompted to submit a link to supporting evidence when attempting to earn the badge. They can provide an optional "Item narrative" and a mandatory "Evidence URL", ensuring that they can showcase their achievements effectively.

Teacher Evaluation and Approval

Teachers have the ability to view evidence submitted by students, accept or decline it, and provide explanations for their decisions. If evidence is rejected, the status reverts to "Required", allowing students to submit new evidence if necessary. If evidence is accepted, the status changes to "Approved", and the student can be awarded with the badge.

Promoting Transparency and Authenticity

By introducing the Evidence Submission feature, we're not just enhancing the badge awarding process—we're also promoting a culture of transparency and authenticity within educational institutions. With clear guidelines and streamlined processes, educators and students alike can trust in the integrity of the badge system.

Get Ready for March 25th

We're excited to roll out the Evidence Submission feature on March 25th, and we can't wait to see how it transforms the badge awarding process within Canvas Credentials LTI 1.3. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to elevate your badge awards with Canvas Credentials!

Your Feedback Shapes Our Journey

Your insights are pivotal in our quest to enhance Canvas Credentials. We eagerly anticipate your thoughts on the Evidence Submission feature, as your feedback ensures our platform remains tailored to your needs. Together, let's craft a credentialing solution that empowers educators and learners alike.


Best regards, 

The Canvas Credentials Team