Introducing Intelligent Insights - a New Product Offering in Analytics & AI



At Instructure, we're dedicated to enhancing educational experiences through innovative technology. We're thrilled to introduce Intelligent Insights, our latest product offering designed to revolutionize analytics and AI in education at this year’s InstructureCon, on July 10th 2024. Intelligent Insights empowers institutions with self-service analytics and actionable insights to improve course effectiveness, student retention, and graduation rates. This exciting, cutting-edge tool comprises four key features: Course Readiness, Students in Need of Attention, Ask Your Data, and LTI Usage. Let's explore how each feature can transform your educational landscape.


1. Course Readiness: Elevate Your Teaching and Learning Standards

Ensuring course readiness is crucial for delivering a consistent and effective educational experience. With Course Readiness, Canvas admins can manage and measure course effectiveness from the start and throughout the term. Institutions can customize criteria to set their standards when it comes to course quality, allowing for data-informed decisions and actions to enhance teaching consistency and learning outcomes. This feature provides the insights needed to maintain high standards and continuously improve the quality of education.




2. Students in Need of Attention: Proactive Support for Student Success

Student retention and success are paramount for any educational institution. The Students in Need of Attention feature allows educators to identify students who may be struggling due to underperformance or low participation. By establishing leading indicators, institutions can proactively recognize these students and offer timely support and outreach. This proactive approach ensures that students receive the necessary assistance to improve their academic experience and outcomes, ultimately enhancing retention and graduation rates.

Students in Need screenshot.png


3. Ask Your Data: AI-Powered Insights at Your Fingertips

Navigating through vast amounts of data can be daunting, especially for those without technical expertise. Ask Your Data simplifies this process with advanced technology, AI and a sophisticated large language model that allows users to ask questions in natural language. Canvas admins and Business Intelligence (BI) teams can now effortlessly interact with and visualize data, making informed decisions without needing advanced technical skills. This feature democratizes data for Canvas admins, and enables them to gain valuable insights effectively.


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4. LTI Usage: Uncovering the Value of Your Learning Tools

Understanding the utilization of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tools is essential for maximizing their impact. The LTI Usage dashboard provides a comprehensive view of where, when, by whom, and how often LTIs are used within Canvas. This feature helps administrators answer critical questions about LTI tool usage, identify key users, and spot trends. With these insights, institutions can better support educators and optimize the use of LTIs to enhance the learning experience.

LTI Usage.png


Transform Your Institution with Intelligent Insights

Intelligent Insights is more than just a product - it's a strategic ally in advancing your institution's educational mission. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and AI, you can make informed decisions, provide targeted support, and continually improve the effectiveness of your courses and tools. Embrace Intelligent Insights to take a proactive approach to education, ensuring that your institution has the resources it needs to thrive.