[LearnPlatform Release] Community Library Updates to Support EdTech Discovery, Evaluation, and Implementation in 2024



It’s our goal to maintain the LearnPlatform Community Library as a comprehensive source-of-truth to help K-12 administrators and educators identify evidence-based tools that will drive positive outcomes in your unique settings. Living up to this expectation requires some regular maintenance, and in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, we took the month of January to do just that! We’ve wrapped up our refresh and are excited to share the valuable new information (not to mention cleaned up data) you can expect to see in the Community Library.

  • Additional Digital Promise product certifications are now reflected in Community Library listings, including their LER Inclusive Design, Learner Variability, Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning, Research-Based Learning Analytics, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) badges. All Digital Promise badges are designed to help educators and administrators identify edtech products that maximize potential to transform learning opportunities and experiences through thoughtful product designs that center learner needs and priorities. 


  • EdTech tools in the Community Library with LTI v1.3 integrations are clearly identified. By aligning to this latest LTI protocol, education organizations can feel confident that the integrations follow data privacy and security best practices. 


  • Updated ISTE Seal information in Community Library listings to reflect ISTE’s updated credentials. Products that earn the ISTE Seal align to the ISTE Standards, prioritize a strong user interface and support teaching practices grounded in reputable research and learning science.


  • Updated Project Unicorn Interoperability Ratings are reflected in Community Library listings. These ratings signal an edtech solution’s prioritization of data interoperability: the seamless, secure, controlled exchange of usable data between applications. Interoperability helps educators and students spend more time focusing on teaching and learning and driving student-centered learning experiences. 


  • Duplicate listings consolidated and/or removed from the Community Library as part of our general maintenance cycle to ensure accuracy and usability of the library.

Whether your goal is to bring these product listing updates into your Organization Library or use the Community Library to discover your next game-changing edtech tool, we encourage you to explore and dive deeper into all of the rich edtech product details in LearnPlatform to make more informed edtech decisions.