[LearnPlatform Release] Request Workflows Simplify and Standardize EdTech Vetting Processes

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LearnPlatform by Instructure customers have asked and so patiently waited, which is why we’re so excited to share that Request Workflows functionality has been released! 

LearnPlatform is an edtech management tool–and very little is more central to effective edtech management than creating clear, centralized, repeatable processes. That’s just what Request Workflows has been designed to do. LearnPlatform has long provided a mechanism for teachers to request desired new edtech. Now, we’re pairing that with the critical components of your internal vetting procedures so you can feel confident the right stakeholders with the right expertise are weighing in at the right time. Plus, by directly connecting the request and vetting processes, this release will also empower administrators to provide a new level of visibility for teachers as to the status of their edtech requests–without the need for manual updates.

Here’s what you can expect from the new Request Workflows functionality:

  1. Build a multi-step review process that drives collaboration across district departments. Create customized workflows unique to your organization’s processes and needs, while ensuring increased consistency and scalability.
  2. Use Conditions to skip or add steps when necessary, such as when a tool captures student Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Leverage a single workflow to handle the nuances of different edtech evaluation scenarios.
  3. Automatically engage the right stakeholders to review the product at the right time, without sending an email. Make sure the appropriate stakeholders are always looped in to feel confident you’re gathering all the information needed to make impactful edtech approval decisions.
  4. Document detailed curriculum or technology evaluations using your custom forms in workflow steps. Take advantage of the flexibility to capture and share the details that matter most to you and your staff.
  5. Leverage automations to automatically edit tags and statuses throughout the vetting process. Save administrators and reviewers time, and ensure that your district library stays organized.
  6. Schedule custom emails to be sent to stakeholders or teachers who have requested to use the product. Reduce time spent on request follow-up and provide your staff with the communication and visibility they want.
  7. Track and monitor progress towards edtech decisions through Workflow Reporting and notifications. Transparent documentation and communication helps build buy-in for edtech decisions and provides a critical record of why specific decisions were made that can be referenced in future vetting cycles.

These features were designed to facilitate efficient edtech management leveraging your preferred processes and requirements. Let workflows handle the coordination so you can focus your time evaluating quality tools. For a more detailed walkthrough of this new functionality, check out the Request Workflows Release Notes or reach out to your LearnPlatform CSM.