Managing Content in MasteryConnect as a District Administrator


District Approved Curriculum Maps*

Curriculum Maps allow you to organize standards, assessments, and resources into a blueprint for Trackers. When used at the district level, Maps ensure that all teachers use the correct standard set and administer common formative assessments. 

Now, your district has the option to Approve Maps. Approved Maps are easy for teachers to find—thank you, purple badge! Once a Map is approved, only those with permission can copy or make changes, ensuring that the resource is distributed and managed appropriately. 


District Formative Assessments

The District Formative Assessment feature allows you, as a district administrator, to distribute a common formative assessment to various Trackers in the district on a specified date. You can even email teachers to let them know that the assessment has been delivered. 


District Approved Resources*

Approved Resources are similar to Approved Curriculum Maps: they are created and managed by district personnel and have the purple badge for easy identification. These assessments cannot be edited or cloned by other users in the district, making them a reliable resource for the district. Once built by the team, assessments can be searched by all users in the district via the assessments tab. Assessments can easily be added to Trackers and Curriculum Maps, or they can be distributed as District Formative Assessments. 




Create your own content team in the district by using the new Roles and Permissions in MasteryConnect. If you’d like to learn more about these features, please check out the MasteryConnect page in the Community. 

* District Approved Resources need to be enabled at an account level. For more information, district admins should reach out your CSM.