Maximizing Success Through Collaborative Discovery



The Instructure Community is one of the vital representations of our values as a company. The openness and transparency of our users in sharing ideas and participating in collaboration opportunities are essential in bringing key updates and features to our products and services to life. 

On Wednesday, April 10, we held the first of our scheduled in person discovery sessions at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. For this session, we had the honor to collaborate live with 10 Canvas customers on a variety of topics. The agenda for this session was driven by your involvement in the ideas and themes space and the continuous feedback received through user interviews with our product team and regular calls with your Customer Success Managers (CSMs). Our goal was to bring the Community to life by sharing progress and receiving real-time feedback through the following discovery activities in order to make the core functionality the best it can be through customer-focused collaboration.

  • Discussion around safe and equitable applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) 
  • Prioritization activity to rank potential updates to a variety of Canvas features and functionalities that were identified as “quick wins”
  • Highlight progress on a heightened experience for: Discussions, Rubrics, SpeedGrader, Selective Release of Modules, and various AI initiatives
  • Design reviews of potential future projects focused on Peer Review, Discussion Summaries, and Rubric Enhancements
  • Brainstorm and share problems to solve in Canvas that are tied to large course support, STEM education, and personalized learning and plot on a matrix showing impact and urgency

Canvas users engage with the Canvas LMS product and engineering team in a series of discovery activities in the Instructure Office in Salt Lake City.Canvas users engage with the Canvas LMS product and engineering team in a series of discovery activities in the Instructure Office in Salt Lake City.

The direction and feedback given throughout the day will truly impact educators and learners everywhere, as the involvement of these participants, coupled with your (the Community’s) willingness to continuously engage with us, gives us guidance around these key areas and more. This critical work helps to ensure that we work toward the same outcomes and that our Instructure team is strategic in our planning and delivery.  

We wholeheartedly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with our customers, and we will continue to prioritize this partnership approach going forward to make Canvas and the entire Instructure ecosystem as impactful as it can possibly be. We had such a wonderful day and believe those that participated from various institutions found this a meaningful experience as well. 

The invitation to participate in events like these not only provides users from the field the opportunity to share their insights with the Instructure product team directly but also highlights just how open and intentional the Instructure team is in seeking and responding to feedback from their customers. This type of purposeful transparency in their product development is one of the cornerstones of our experience with Canvas and part of what makes Instructure an excellent partner for the California Community College system.

- Mike Vogt, Director of Strategic Planning and Operations - Information Technology, CVC-OEI

Stay tuned for another blog post highlighting some of the work prioritized from the insights gained from this session. Also, be on the lookout for more Canvas updates as we continue this invaluable series of discovery events. We truly appreciate your feedback on all things Instructure.