Navigating Together: Canvas Credentials Unveils Unified Experience



Hello Canvas Credentials Community!

In the dynamic world of educational technology, ensuring a seamless and unified experience across platforms is essential. At Instructure, we understand the significance of harmonising our products under a cohesive design language to elevate user experience. That's why we're thrilled to announce the integration of Instructure’s new global navigation wrapper into Canvas Credentials, aligning with other products to create a cohesive environment across all Instructure offerings.

This monumental effort aims to unify the product experience and user interface, establishing a shared visual framework and consistent navigation patterns across Canvas Credentials and other Instructure products. This initiative was sparked by a poignant conversation with one of our valued customers, who likened our products to roommates rather than family. Inspired by this analogy, we embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of educational technology, aiming to create a comprehensive, accessible, and trusted platform.

Our first step in this journey is the adoption of Instructure’s new global navigation wrapper, already implemented in other Instructure products. This framework lays the groundwork for a unified user experience, ensuring familiarity and consistency across all Instructure platforms. By embracing this framework, Canvas Credentials enhances interoperability and simplifies navigation for users accustomed to other Instructure products.

The implementation of this global framework brings several enhancements tailored to the needs of educators and learners alike:

1. Unified Design Language: By implementing a global framework, we ensure visual consistency across Canvas Credentials and other Instructure products, fostering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for all users.

2. Streamlined Navigation: Navigation menus and interfaces have been redesigned with updated color schemes, improving clarity and accessibility. User profiles and notifications now open as trays, providing a seamless browsing experience.







3. Organization-Level Enhancements: Administrators can now effortlessly switch between organizations and groups within organizations using the Select Space drop-down menu, facilitating efficient management and navigation across different spaces.




4. For Instructors: Group setup tabs in the Credentials LTI have transitioned to a convenient drop-down menu, simplifying the process of managing groups and assignments.




5. For Learners: My Progress and Leaderboard tabs within the Credentials LTI have been replaced with intuitive drop-down menus, enabling learners to track their progress and engage with course content more easily.



In conclusion, the introduction of the new global navigation wrapper represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and create a cohesive ecosystem of educational tools. We are committed to listening to our users, adapting to their needs, and continuously striving for excellence in delivering innovative solutions. 

Share your thoughts and experiences with us on this exciting change, and together, let's redefine the future of educational technology and empower educators and learners worldwide.

Best regards,

Canvas Credentials Team