New Catalog Analytics is now released!

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I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the new and improved Catalog Analytics in production today!

After nearly a year of work, carefully curated by your use cases and requests, a new analytics experience is now available for Catalog admins.

If you are curious what we did (and why), here’s the teaser article that I’ve kept updated with beta release dates and scope changes.

Also, we’ve published several new guides showing the new functionality, including an overview guide. As always, let us know if you find information that would be helpful to add to the guides. 

Please note that the Reports and the old Analytics tab will be removed at the end of June, since we combined the two in the new version. Up until June 30th both versions will be available, so you can safely transition into the new version if you have any automations set up, and to give you some time to explore the new experience. A banner will be placed on the admin pages in Catalog to remind you of this date - with next week’s production release.

Feel free to provide any feedback regarding the new Analytics! In Q2-Q3, I’d like to collect your feedback regarding the feature and consider the most important items as a roadmap item in the following quarters. You can do this by replying to this article, or through your CSMs. 

Thank you for your patience and I hope that you can leverage the new Analytics to gather helpful insights for your Catalog.