New Feature Preview: Enhanced Gradebook Filters

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When viewing the Canvas Gradebook, there is a lot of information presented at one time, especially for those with a large number of students and/or a large number of assignments. To improve the experience and allow for creating views that make sense for needed workflows or timeframes, we are introducing our Enhanced Gradebook Filters. And, in addition to being able to create new filter views, you can now also save those filters for later use! This new feature is being released as a Feature Preview and is now available as a feature option in all beta environments. Join our Gradebook Filters User Group for updates on when the feature option will be available in production. 

What is a Feature Preview?

As a reminder, our feature previews are feature options that are in active development. Early adopters who opt in to the feature and join the Community user group can help improve the feature through direct feedback. Our goal is to learn from the experts who are using these feature options in their live classrooms so that we can iterate quickly to improve the feature based on the feedback provided. It is important to keep in mind that additional updates about this feature will be available in the User Group as enhancements may be released outside the Canvas Deploy Notes cadence. When this feature option is available for general use and no longer a feature preview, the feature option will be announced in the Canvas Release Notes.

I’m excited to give this feature a try! How do I opt in? 

The Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature option is a course level option, which can be enabled by an account admin by default for all or it can be unlocked to allow individual instructors the opportunity to choose to turn it on in specific courses. Once made available, instructors can find the feature option under the feature options tab in course settings. Once enabled, you can start creating and saving filters.

Now that I have the feature option enabled, how do I give feedback about my experience? 

Please join us in the Gradebook Filters User Group in the Canvas Community. We want to hear all feedback that you have to provide, so please feel free to share positive insights, constructive criticisms, and anything in between. Your honest and candid feedback will help drive our future development to make this feature the best it can be.  Our product team will be watching this space to respond to questions and to understand use cases that provide opportunities for improvement. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with this awesome new feature!

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