New Idea Submission Available

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Our team has officially loaded all Identified Themes to Ideas and Themes for your review and idea submission is now available!

So what exactly does this mean? All historical ideas reviewed by our team that mapped to a theme are now linked as “Referenced Ideas” to the theme and marked “Added to Theme” (that is a total of 1,322 ideas that have been mapped to a theme). All other historical ideas that did not fit within a theme have been archived. Ideas were archived based on a variety of factors such as technical limitations or misalignment to product strategy. We understand this can feel frustrating and we've discussed this thoroughly. We believe this is the best path forward at this time and also realize we won't be able to meet everyone's expectations

As you review the themes, please use idea submission for anything that you feel is not captured within the existing themes. With our new process, our team is committed to improved communication and collaboration. We will review all new idea submissions within 1 week of submission. Based on our assessment of the idea, we will either seek additional clarity from the submitter, map to a theme, or archive the idea as it will not be considered. For those that will not be considered, we will provide feedback on the reasoning behind our decision. 

From my last post, there were a number of questions around how this process will result in faster product development or implement solutions that meet the granular, day-to-day user needs. Ideas from the community exist within a larger feedback and product insight ecosystem - we analyze market trends, product usage data, user focus groups, support tickets, customer NPS, and so much more. By identifying themes from idea submissions, it enables us to more quickly see if this theme exists across the ecosystem and address them. And the increased commitment of our review cycle of ideas enables us to more easily spot those minor fixes / improvements that we can organically roll into our releases.

We recognize that this process is new for all of us and that there will be inevitable kinks that require ironing out.  This process change, as well as things like our public-facing roadmap, are testaments to us being committed to do better.