New LearnPlatform Feature! School-Level Inventory Dashboards Empower Building Admins to Take Control of EdTech

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The LearnPlatform by Instructure Inventory Dashboard was built to be a tool for district administrators to get a holistic view of edtech use across their entire organization. But, as more and more district admins have adopted the Inventory Dashboard, we’ve heard lots about the need to provide similar information to administrators at the building level that’s honed in to what’s happening at their specific site, especially in larger districts. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that School-Level Inventory Dashboards can now be activated for district accounts upon request.

How will School-Level Inventory Dashboards help K-12 Administrators?

By providing this kind of site-level visibility, building administrators can be better empowered to understand and take control of edtech use in their own part of the organization, and more effectively engage in edtech vetting, evaluation, and implementation discussions with district administrators. After all, building administrators know their own educators and students best, and when they have visibility to the data about their educators and students, they can better advocate for their needs at the district level. 

What information is included on School-Level Inventory Dashboards?

When a district chooses to activate school-level Inventory Dashboards, building administrators will be able to view the standard Inventory Dashboard populated with data specific to their site. They will not see data from other sites in the district, so they can much more easily identify trends, gaps, and pockets of excellence at their own building and use that information to make implementation, training, purchasing, and escalation decisions. They will also have visibility to district-level product approval status in order to identify unmanaged or unapproved edtech use in their building. 



How can LearnPlatform district customers activate School-Level Inventory Dashboards?

Please note that this functionality is new and currently limited. If you’re interested in activating School-Level Inventory Dashboards for your organization, you will need to work closely with your CSM to determine if the feature in its current state will meet your needs and to take the next steps to activate it. We are actively exploring opportunities to build out and improve this functionality and, as always, welcome our district users’ feedback!

Ready to get started with School-Level Inventory Dashboards? Reach out to your LearnPlatform Customer Success Manager!