Next Catalog improvement: Bulk Purchase and Enrollment

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Next Catalog improvement: Bulk Purchases and Enrollments


The Catalog Team spent the beginning of the year tweaking and fine-tuning the Shopping Cart and improving receipts. The team has also started building a new feature: Bulk Purchases and Enrollments. This feature enables individuals to purchase multiple seats in a single listing and distribute those seats by inviting students to enroll in that listing for free. This feature can also be used to enroll multiple students in free listings Users can view historical payments and enrollments by accessing the Purchases and Enrollments page from the Catalog menu.


Similar to the Shopping Cart feature rollout, the Bulk Purchases and Enrollments feature will be released in multiple phases to Beta, but in one batch to Production. 

A new button will soon be added to the Details (Listing) page to allow institutions ample time to adjust their custom CSS/JS code. In the beginning, the button will not work and I apologize for this limitation, but we would like to make sure that institutions have time to adjust any customizations, if necessary. Our goal is to have this new feature finished by the end of Q1 2022 and have the first Beta release next week. 


Please stay tuned, I will update this thread after each Beta release. 

UPDATE: We will need a little bit more time to complete all the requirements for bulk purchase and enrollment so it's not going to be finished by the end of Q1. I will keep this post up-to-date and let you know about the upcoming Beta release dates. 

UPDATE2: May 23 we released another major part of bulk purchase and enrollment to Beta. We are going to have a few more Beta releases before releasing the new functionality to Production. 


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