Portfolium Recent Updates 2021

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As we start to prepare our upcoming work for Q3 I wanted to pause and take a look back on what the team has release thus far. Our goal for the first half of the year was to reduce the amount of overhead in managing common workflows, specifically around managing users and badges. We made additional improvements as well in the backend and infrastructure but in this post I'll be focusing on the former.

User Importer
One of the primary goals of this feature release was to allow for the precise scheduling of imported data into the platform. Data can now be uploaded and immediately imported, saved for later or scheduled to import automatically at a given data and time that works best for your institution. For more information, you can see the original post.


Badge Controls

Next up we have updates to how badging works, you can now link directly to your own Badgr account(s) and maintain control of our badges directly. This change also allowed us to support linking to Badgr accounts from different regions, including the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 1.09.52 PM.png

We hope these updates make managing your data easier, in our next post we'll be covering what the team will be working on coming up. As always we appreciate your feedback on these features as well as comments or suggestions.