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SCORM to Require Signed Launch Links

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In an effort to tighten the security of SCORM content, we are changing the way Canvas interacts with SCORM by integrating signed launch links. Currently, Canvas does not receive signed or encrypted launch links when interacting with SCORM, which allows users to share content in courses where it was not originally uploaded. This change ensures that all SCORM content will be encrypted, meaning that only users that are enrolled in the course where the SCORM content was uploaded will be given access. This upcoming change will make SCORM content more secure and prevent it from being viewed outside of the intended audiences. Affected courses include cases where links to SCORM content are embedded directly into a page or other content, such as assignment descriptions.

We intend to make this change on Saturday, July 17, 2021. This advanced notice should provide time for SCORM content facilitators to make any changes necessary to ensure that the content is being provided in a supported method. Canvas Engineering will be pulling the data and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) will work to notify any affected users prior to the upgrade. Also, any necessary downtime for completing this upgrade will be communicated well in advance of that date. 

To prepare for this change, Canvas users with course materials containing direct links to SCORM content will need to reupload the SCORM package through the SCORM option in their Course Navigation Menu. Reuploading content ensures all SCORM requests are authorized through Canvas, and encrypted SCORM content can be decrypted and accessed. Otherwise, the SCORM content will be inaccessible after July 17, 2021.

How to Upload a SCORM File

View SCORM Link

Confirm SCORM is visible for your course in the Course Navigation Menu.

If SCORM is not visible, but it is enabled for your institution, enable it in your course by opening the Course Settings link, then clicking the Navigation tab. Next to the SCORM tool, click the settings icon, then select the Enable button. At the bottom of the page, click the Save button.



Upload Content

Once you have confirmed the SCORM link is visible, click the link in your Course Navigation Menu and select the Upload button. Select the SCORM package that you would like to upload. 

Note: The upload process may take several minutes.



Once the upload is complete, the only three content types that can contain SCORM content will will be available: 

  • Import as a graded assignment (with grade passback) 
  • Import as an ungraded assignment
  • Import as a page

In the Import Type drop-down menu, select the type applicable to your SCORM content.



Edit Content

After uploading SCORM content into Canvas as an assignment or page, additional content may be added around the SCORM media player by navigating to the assignment or page and then selecting the Edit button.


Test Content

Test the SCORM package by reloading the page or assignment when not in edit mode. 




Community Member

Will SCORM modules uploaded now (between 5/24/2021 and 7/17/2021) be compliant or will they need to be uploaded on/after 7/17 to meet this requirement?

New Member

So, if SCORM packages are uploaded originally to say, a master course, and then transferred over to a live course using the course import tool would those be impacted too? Stated another way, do we need to upload SCORM packages to each course every time it is offered?

Community Participant

I use SCORM to upload Articulate files into Canvas the same way you've outlined uploading content above.  I import the file as an "ungraded assignment."  I just want to be sure I'm interpreting the information provided above correctly.  I'm assuming that I don't need to do anything further to my existing content because of the way I loaded it into Canvas.  I have quite a few assignments setup this way for a client of ours.  Thank you in advance for your response! 

Community Member

To piggyback off of the question about "ungraded assignments," what about ones that are added as "pages?" I thought from the description that it meant anything uploaded through SCORM would have to be uploaded again in each course, but maybe I misinterpreted.


As long as the following SCORM files (SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Edition)) were uploaded with the SCORM LTI; then they should be compliant. SCORM content that has been added in any way other than through the SCORM LTI will need to be re-uploaded.

Additionally, SCORM content that has been added through the SCORM LTI should be able to be transferred over using the course import tool.

Community Participant

Does this change means that SCORM content for public courses with no enrollment will not work?

Community Participant

This is what I would like to know also

Community Participant

@jsailor Are the questions on this post going to be answered? Because I have several of the same questions already posed by other commenters. 


Hi, @kas200. My colleague, @aharry_, provided a response above. That said, I appreciate you tagging me so that we could provide more detailed responses to ensure all understand and feel comfortable with any next steps required. I've summarized the questions and provided answers below. 

Q:  Will SCORM content uploaded before 7/17/21 be compliant or will I need to reupload after the upcoming change. 
A: All SCORM content uploaded before 7/17/21 will continue to be supported with no need to reupload as long as it was originally uploaded through the SCORM LTI. If content is being shared through direct URLs, you will need to upload the content through the SCORM LTI using the supported methods. 

Q: Will SCORM content be supported in courses where content has been copied using the course import or copy tool? 
A: Yes, as long as the content was uploaded to the SCORM LTI originally, your content will work in courses receiving content through the course import tool. 

Q: I have uploaded SCORM content through the LTI as "ungraded assignments" or "pages". Any further action required? 
A: No. Because you used a supported method and uploaded to the SCORM LTI, no further action is required. 

Q: Does this change means that SCORM content for public courses with no enrollment will not work?
A: Yes. For security purposes, the SCORM launch will require user authentication moving forward for all capabilities to work. If users just need to access the content, they will be able to, but if they are not enrolled, the LTI will not be able to pass SCORM anything for grading activities.  


@hfchen@curtain, and @kas200 - wanted to call your attention to the update made to the answer to the final question above about public courses.