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We want our products to be more than just software used at your institution, we want them to be the products that you love to use. In order to achieve this, we need to integrate your feedback and insights into our design choices. 

We recognize that getting data from one place to another is hard, it takes time, and right now you just don’t have much to spare. We want to make the process of importing data easier and we are taking small, deliberate steps to do that with a larger later goal of expanding this out to other areas in our products. We want to be sure your insight and feedback are taken into account, we are hoping to get feedback on some designs early on this process.


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About this User Test

We are looking for anyone that might import SIS data into another system. We are trying to make this process quicker, easier, and more intuitive. You should (1) be able to execute data imports whenever it works best for you and (2) feel confident that what you imported is what you intended to import.  

This user test was designed to let you walk through a prototype for a SIS importer with the above in mind. There are opportunities to offer feedback at 5 different steps in the process. Participation entails 10–15 minutes of your time but you are free to stop participating at any point. Whatever level of investment you are willing to provide is extremely valuable to us.  


We want to design this importer with you in mind, to do that we need your input. After we have enough participation we will provide a report of findings and offer an opportunity to further discuss it here, in the Community. 


We are looking for interested educators. The current version of this data importer is a prototype—iteration is expected, as we are still early in this development process. 

You might be most interested in this user test if you say yes to either of these two questions:   

  • Have you ever wished you could simply import data from your SIS but haven’t seen an easy way to do it?
  • Do you like to test out new things and see what we are working on? 

Interested? Walk through the prototype of a data importer and offer feedback.

(Best to participate via tablet, desktop, or laptop)

Have questions, comments, or other feedback? 

Reply to us here—we’re listening!

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