Standardize and Automate EdTech Evaluation with LearnPlatform's New Step-Based Request Workflows

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There’s that moment in the learning process when something clicks and everything comes together. It’s at this point when pace is increased, effort feels easier, and we begin to see the outcome of our work. This is the goal with LearnPlatform’s upcoming release of new Request Workflows - taking the existing components of LearnPlatform, supporting the work you’ve put into setting up your library and statuses, defining new processes around product requests, and leveraging the power of automation to accelerate your effort and goals.

With Request Workflows, organizations will be able to define clear, repeatable and efficient best-practice processes that will begin when a new product is requested. Working with your CSM for guidance, we will help you define the steps required to vet new products–taking into consideration a broad range of criteria including technology constraints, curriculum alignment and value, redundancy across other available products, and student data privacy compliance. Then, with Request Workflows, that criteria can be translated into a repeatable process inside LearnPlatform, identifying key district stakeholders involved in each step and leveraging custom forms to gather and document the full evaluation.

Request Workflows will leverage existing functionality in Forms, Product Statuses, and Product Reviews to engage the right stakeholders at the right time, and provide administrators with a systematic way to evaluate new-product requests through a defined, transparent vetting process. Once a workflow is defined, LearnPlatform will kick off this flow each time a new product is requested. Each stakeholder will be automatically engaged when it’s their turn to provide insight, and share progress and information across the team while minimizing the manual steps needed for you to manage the project. When the evaluation is complete, you will be able to apply an approval status and publish the product to your organization’s product library with confidence.

Throughout the development process, the LearnPlatform team has been partnering with several districts to ensure our new workflow feature is simple, yet impactful, and will be adding additional customization features throughout the next school year.

The first iteration of Request Workflows will be rolled out to customers in the coming weeks so processes can be built out and in place for the school year. In our first release, workflows can be as many steps as districts wish, and occur consecutively. As an example, you may define the first step in the process as being the curriculum review, followed by a data-privacy compliance check, before moving onto involving the IT group to work through SSO integrations. In addition to each step, the workflow can drive automations such as adding tags, removing tags, or changing the status of a product with completion of each step. Your CSM can provide great ideas around leveraging workflow automations to best support your processes.

Future Workflow Customizations & Call for Feedback:
The Product team is hard at work on additional Workflow customizations planned to be released later this year. Customer feedback is critical as we build and iterate on this new functionality. Please reach out to your CSM if you’re interested in partnering with our product designers and product managers. We love partnering with you on building the best product to support efficient edtech evaluations.