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Strengthening Studio development with a fresh pair of eyes

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Even though I come from a different industry (telecommunications), for some reason education technology was always a mysterious field of interest to me. I built a theremin as a teenager that I used to train myself to identify musical notes accurately, helped some friends with math at university by hacking their calculators memory (well, I’m not exactly proud of that though) and built an app for a new technique of English language acquisition. These are just a couple of examples that fill my heart with warmth whenever they come to my mind.

A few years later now, I am working on a product that paves the way of creating active and engaging discussions with videos from the traditional way of passive learning. This actually blends in quite nicely with my previous examples, but this time, I have a responsibility to do it right! Yay!

My first month was amazing. Besides ordinary things like putting together a weekly routine, understanding my long-term goals with my manager (is it a proper place to say thanks again?) and sitting down with many of my upcoming peers for a quick chit-chat, I already dug myself into the power of this community! 

Through dozens and dozens of conversations, I started to outline what motivations teachers, students, and admins may have for Canvas Studio so I can support those needs next time I start working on a feature. It just feels incredible to see how fantastic those ideas are that come from the Community.

All in all, I am so looking forward to working with you all! Oh, and let me put here an image of one of the many not-so-long-lasting hobbies I picked up during the pandemic:


Well, preparing tortellini was not exactly my cup of tea, some of them are still hiding in the depth of my fridge… 

So that's me. Next time I hope to share something exciting coming on the roadmap!