Studio’s Screen Recorder Gets 64-bit Version Upgrade


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Happy Belated New Year!


Before moving on to the subject in the title, I wanted to thank you for all of your support and feedback in 2022.

We finished the year with some Lecture Capture focused workshops that included 15 Higher Ed institutions from the EMEA region. This is an ongoing discovery and we’ll carry out the same discussions with institutions in NORAM and APAC soon, so expect a form in the following weeks (which you might have already submitted previously). Alternatively, just leave a comment here or direct message me with a simple “I want to share my views on Lecture Capture too” and I’ll add you to my list right away! 

My impression as we progressed with the workshops was that representatives from at most 5 institutions at a time proved to be the optimal setting for a brainstorming discussion. Additionally, 60 minutes was not enough to get to the bottom of the problems, so we talked with schools directly as well as an alternative option. Nonetheless, the amount of feedback you provided already is massive and I cannot show my appreciation enough.


Now, what is going on with this screen recorder upgrade?

Since last spring, a new Screencast-O-Matic version has been available to download. You haven’t missed a thing if you haven’t tried it; however, we want to make sure that we only support the same version for everyone. There are no major changes in the new version, but it guarantees that no newer desktop devices will have issues installing it in the future.

This is especially important for Administrators where the institution works with managed devices. Updating the device’s image with the right Screencast-O-Matic version before the summer/autumn term or setting permissions so that installing new software is not blocked temporarily might be necessary for the upgrade. Devices that are not managed by the institutions will seamlessly get the new 64-bit version.

We wanted to give you several months of time before we transition to the new version. Over the next months, this will be communicated to you on different channels and also directly by Customer Success. 

UPDATE: How can I test the new version before July 3?

If you want to be 100% sure that the new version does not break anything then you can test it beforehand, please reach out to your CSM and you will be provided with the instructions. No need to download the installer above, however that should be used for building the image for managed devices.

Chromebook devices are not impacted in any way.


Anything exciting coming soon to Studio?

Yes! We are just a few weeks away to get you an overall better captioning experience. Some things that have been asked for years will come! Also, integration work with certain human captioning services is now going at full throttle... but that alone deserves a full blogpost next time.


All the best,