Testing a New Integration Design

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We are taking small deliberate steps in creating seamless experiences between our products—this is one of them, and we need your feedback! This effort focuses on one aspect of the MasteryConnect Canvas integration.


We want our products to be more than just software used at your institution—we want them to be the products that you love to use. Your feedback and insights into our design choices are critical. 

We post design tests to get feedback from everyone—from super users of Canvas, to customers using Canvas integration products like MasteryConnect. Perhaps you’ve never even heard of MasteryConnect. That’s okay too! In fact, it’s even better. We want to get your ideas about our designs regardless.

About this Design Test

MasteryConnect, our assessment management system, serves to align flexible assessments with curriculum standards and produces actionable data in the process. But right now tracking standards between MasteryConnect and a course in Canvas is a difficult process that we want to make easier. We are looking for feedback on some designs early on in order to test small and test often.


The current design is focused on course content in Canvas and the mastery tracker in MasteryConnect, where teachers can utilize standards-based assessments to track mastery. We are seeking to make the process quicker, easier, and more intuitive. 

This Course to Tracker integration is an initial step in creating a more seamless experience between Canvas and MasteryConnect. It’s a prototype—iteration is expected—it is still very early in development. 


In this design test, we will walk you through two steps in a process with opportunities to offer feedback after each step. Participation entails 5–10 minutes of your time, but you are free to stop participating at any point. Whatever level of investment you are willing to provide is extremely valuable to us!

We want to iterate on our integrations with you in mind, so we need your input. After we have enough participation, we will provide a report of findings and offer an opportunity to further engage and discuss it here in the Community. 


You might be most interested in this design test if you say yes to either of these two questions:   

  • Do you like to test out new things and see what we are working on? 
  • Have you ever wanted an early peek at Canvas + MasteryConnect integration efforts?

Walk through a prototype and offer feedback: https://t.maze.design/27712769

(Please participate via tablet, desktop, or laptop)


Have questions, comments, or other feedback? 

Talk to us here—we’re listening.