The Voting Window is Open!

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15 Themes - 9 for Canvas and 6 for Impact - are officially in “Open for Voting” to the Community from today, October 16th to November 15th, 2023.  Over the past month, our team has reviewed all of the themes and selected the following based on the themes that…

  • Address areas that have been met with the greater controversy or pain expressed by our users
  • Align with the shifts taking place within the educational landscape, such as competency-based education and student-driven learning 
  • Are achievable and attainable by our team to deliver based on domain knowledge and capacity if prioritized by the community


During the voting window, Community members are encouraged to:

  • Ask questions of our team or post comments on the Open for Voting themes to build a case for why others should vote for the theme (put those high school debate skills to work!)
  • Vote on themes that speak to the problems or areas that, if addressed, would bring the most value to you and your organization
  • Remember that the themes and individual ideas do not represent how we will solve the problem; that will be determined once it is prioritized as our team goes through discovery and planning. 
    • As prioritized themes move through discovery, we may discover that not all or any of the ideas can be addressed. Our team will update the theme accordingly and notify the Community.
  • Subscribe to themes you have voted on or are interested in so you can easily follow new activity, including comments or changes in status.


For more details on contributing during this phase of the Ideas & Themes process, please consult the How do I participate with themes? Community guide. You can view the themes that are open for voting by visiting the Canvas Themes and the Impact Themes boards.


At the conclusion of the voting period, our team will thoroughly review the votes and comments to determine which themes will be elevated to the “prioritized” status. This will signify our team’s commitment to development solutions that address the specific needs of those themes, and we will continue to engage with the community throughout the development process.