Themes Voting Window: What to Expect

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Ideas & Themes has now been live in the Community for 41 days. We have received 77 new ideas, mapped 56 of those new ideas to themes, and identified 1 new theme from those idea submissions.

So what can you expect next? 

Our first voting window will be April 3 - 28, 2023. The voting window is off-cycle from our target voting cycles of February and October because we wanted to give Community members time to submit new ideas before identifying which themes to move to voting. Once the voting window opens, our team will provide context behind why certain themes were included vs others. You can expect between 10 - 15 themes to be available for voting.

During the voting window, community members are encouraged to:

  • Ask questions to our team or post comments on the Open for Voting themes to build a case for why others should vote for the theme (put those high school debate skills to work)
  • Vote on themes that speak to the problems or areas that if addressed would bring the most value to you and your organization
  • Remember that the themes do not represent how we will solve the problem; that will be determined once it is prioritized as our team goes through discovery and planning. 
    • As prioritized themes move through discovery, we may not discover that not all ideas can be addressed. Our team will update the theme accordingly and notify the Community
  • Subscribe to themes that you have voted on or are interested in so you can easily follow new activity, including comments or change in status.

This voting window sets the priority for themes to be delivered in the second half of 2023. So think hard about which ones are the most important to you!

We have appreciated the comments to date in regard to the new process. We have heard questions around “how can I communicate with other community members around workarounds?”, “how does Instructure address ‘quick wins’?”, “how will this improve turnaround time and responsiveness?”. All new processes take time to truly understand what is working well and what is not. Please provide your feedback via our feedback form as collecting feedback in a structured way results in greater insights. Once we get through a full cycle of voting and prioritization, we will determine what to change, if needed.

We are actively looking into the right platform for Community members to work together on tips, tricks, and workarounds as we recognize this is a current gap. Please reach out if you have any specific ideas on the solution. 

Looking forward to our first Themes Voting Period!