Unveiling the Future: Skills-based Learning to Earning

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At Instructure, we work to elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together. And we want to be with you as education evolves to meet the needs of all types of learners. 


Credentials-based education has emerged as a transformative approach to learning, shifting the focus from traditional degrees and diplomas to a more dynamic and flexible system based on demonstrated competencies. In pursuit of supporting our institutional partners as they navigate this landscape, we want to share our latest development towards documenting, sharing, and enhancing the lifelong learner journey and school-to-career pathway: the Canvas Learner Passport solution.

Instructure’s credential-based education solutions have pioneered an approach that recognizes that skills and knowledge can be acquired through flexible pathways, not just within the confines of a formal degree program. We’re proud of the work that our teams have accomplished: Canvas ePortfolios and Pathways enable students to work towards and share collections of work that provide evidence and artifacts of acquired skills. Canvas Credentials provides externally verifiable and portable badges that record and share students’ validated skills and achievements with future employers.


We have engaged in deep conversations with numerous leading educational institutions, and our learnings are clear: solutions for showcasing a student's skills throughout their lifelong learning journey are pivotal to shaping the future of education. Requirements of organizations, educators, and students related to skills-based learning tools have adapted as lifelong learning becomes increasingly common.


We continue to hear a call for the following requirements:

  • Learner pathway flexibility is critical to students exploring skills-based learning journeys that map to tangible skills and career paths 
  • Learners want to be able to share evidence showcasing their skills that align to employer needs 
  • Learners want a portfolio that demonstrates their skills and learning  throughout their academic and professional journey.
  • Educational organizations, often faced with budget and staffing constraints, seek to provide infrastructure that drives student success, retains enrollment, and leads in this skill-based marketplace 


To address these requirements, we will leverage the best aspects of our ePortfolios, pathways, and digital badging solutions, combining them to create a powerful and comprehensive product with our Learner Passport solution.

  • Institutional admins will gain a well-integrated solution for effortlessly managing and optimizing skill and competency-based course content, learning pathways, and micro-credentials. 
  • Learners benefit from a centralized platform to gather, organize, manage, and track their achievements, empowering them to showcase their skills and competencies to educational institutions or potential employers with easy-to-share collections of projects and artifacts. 
  • Employers can utilize the Learner Passport to hire qualified employees with proven, demonstrable skills and assist their workforce in developing and tracking new skills, competencies, and engagement with company-wide and regulatory training initiatives. 


By combining all of these tools in a single learner passport solution, Instructure is enabling student-career success and ensuring traditional K-12 and higher education institutions are retained as the foundation from which students continuously achieve career success. 


Instructure is dedicated to revolutionizing the education landscape through our unwavering commitment to empowering learners, institutions, and employers. With our forthcoming Learner Passport solution, we are poised to meaningfully connect learners with institutions and companies. 


At Instructure, we believe in the transformative power of education and are excited to contribute to the success and growth of learners and institutions around the world. Together, let's inspire lifelong learning, amplify teaching effectiveness, and forge a future where everyone can achieve their goals based on their earned skills.

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