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Upcoming Improvements for Canvas Managed SIS Rostering and Grade Syncing

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For the past several years, Instructure has been constantly working to support more and more SIS integrations. For most Canvas teachers and admins (on existing Instructure supported SIS integrations) there has been limited UI changes and improvements . We understand the importance of SIS Integrations for each district and have shifted focus from quantity of integrations to improving our SIS Integration experience generally for both teachers and admins (on existing Instructure supported SIS integrations).

These improvements began with adding the SIS Category Syncing feature and continues with the following features.

Note: These feature enhancements will not be initially available for Kimono based integrations, but we are actively working with Kimono to enable support for these features.

Upcoming New Features

SIS Rostering Job Visibility

For many integrations where Instructure manages SIS Imports, we are offering visibility for Admins on rostering import job status', schedules, and history. Our desire is to make this as actionable as possible for admins. We don't want our admins to continue to be informed that a roster sync wasn't successful by teachers missing students from their Canvas course rosters.

Manual Trigger of SIS Rostering Schedule

One of the more common support requests we receive from Canvas admins is that we manually trigger an SIS Rostering sync. We have done the groundwork to allow for Admins to view and manually trigger existing SIS sync jobs without having to contact support. Now if an Admin notices that last night's roster sync failed for some reason, a Canvas admins (with the "Manage SIS Imports" permission) can retry that existing job or kick off a completely new sync without involving Canvas support. 

Detailed Grade Sync Views

When looking at Canvas survey data, we discovered a lot of teachers who love grade syncing, and a lot who don't feel like they can trust it. We really wanted to improve teacher's confidence in the grade syncing integration by being extremely transparent with what is happening to every section, assignment and score during the grade syncing process. Where we previously have only shown syncing errors, we will now show successes as well. 

Help Validate the Design of our New Features

With each of these upcoming features, we really want to validate our designs to ensure that they are intuitive, informative, and provide the necessary data our admins and teachers need. Please help us by spending 5-10 minutes taking this anonymous survey walking through our feature design. Also, please forward the survey links to anyone else you'd think they may be relevant for.

Design Surveys: 


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