Update on Catalog Analytics Improvements

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Dear Catalog Admins,

Unfortunately we did not meet our Q1 target for releasing the Improved Catalog Analytics - Apologies for this late update from my end.

There were unforeseen performance and conceptual issues with Phase 5 - namely the All data tab.
In order to provide you the best possible solution while covering the use cases, we needed to re-think and validate Phase 5 - therefore the delay.

Our new target beta release date for Catalog Analytics Improvements is April 24th, and for production it's May 2nd. 

About the changes:
Instead of All data we will provide 'all of the data' on 4 separate tabs.

Enrollments tab will stay the same, there are no changes there.

We've renamed the Revenue tab to Orders, and Registrations to Users, because we've expanded the content on those tabs with free items and students who are not yet registered. 

Also, we added a new tab, called Listings, where you will be able to see listings related data. 
We added new columns too, to provide all the useful data you need (based on your use cases). 

Sneak-peak on the changes 
Please note that these are just portions of the tables - these are scrollable, so only a few columns are displayed on these screenshots - but don't worry, the tables can be set wider! 

1. Users tab

users tab.png
2. Orders tab 


3. Listings tab (new)


4. Enrollments tab 

Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 16.42.28.png

Also, we added new filters, so you can filter down the tables to get the relevant data.
We're gonna update some Totals too - these are not the final ones you see on the screenshots.

Hope this will work out for you, and in Q2 we are waiting for your feedback - so we can prepare to do some possible improvements on it in Q3-Q4. 

Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions.