Update on Discussion Redesign: Reported Replies as a Feature Option



At Canvas, we continuously listen to your feedback to ensure that our tools meet your needs effectively. Based on the valuable insights we've gathered, we're making a temporary adjustment to our discussion redesign.

Many of you have expressed that while the reported replies feature is valuable, it doesn't yet feel fully finished. We appreciate your candor and want to ensure that our features offer the best possible user experience. Therefore, we have decided to place the reported replies feature behind a separate feature option.

Our goal with this change is to focus on enhancing the functionality and support surrounding reported replies. While not significantly impacting the Discussion Redesign, we understand that individual instructors need robust tools to manage reported content efficiently. We are committed to delivering that.

What to Expect

While we work on these improvements, the following changes will take place starting on June 17th 2024:

  • The reported replies feature will be temporarily put behind a separate feature option and will be On/Unlocked by default. Admins will be able to disable it for their account if they wish. 
    Screenshot of the Canvas Admin Settings Feature Option tab showing the Discussions Redesign - Reporting feature flag.Screenshot of the Canvas Admin Settings Feature Option tab showing the Discussions Redesign - Reporting feature flag.
  • For admins and instructors who do not wish to continue using the feature while we work on it, they'll be able to turn off the feature option at the root account level
    • The flag will be available in Beta on June 17th
    • The flag will be available in Prod on June 18th
  • We are actively gathering more feedback and insights to ensure the enhanced feature will better support instructors.

Discussion Redesign Release

We want to reassure you that this change will not affect the overall release schedule of the discussion redesign. The redesign will proceed as planned, providing all users with an updated and improved discussion experience on July 20, 2024. Our commitment to delivering this redesign on time remains steadfast, and we are excited for you to explore the new features and improvements.

Next Steps

Our development team is already working on these enhancements, and we will keep you updated on our progress. We are aiming to release additional functionality in the reported replies feature that will make it easier for instructors to manage and address reported content effectively.

Stay Engaged

Your feedback is crucial to us. Please continue to share your thoughts and experiences with us as we make these improvements. We’re committed to making Canvas the best it can be for you.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.