Visiting Users in Mississippi



Our customers are not just users of our products; they are partners in our journey.  Their feedback wasn't just a list of suggestions; it was a testament to their passion for education and their commitment to excellence. We listened intently as they shared their experiences, their challenges, and their hopes for the tools and resources we provide.

As we sat together, brainstorming ideas and sharing stories, a few themes emerged as they shared their insights. I want to share some of them with you and how we are addressing these needs across our Mastery Products. 

Reporting Enhancements  - It was clear that we needed to improve the ease of use and visualizations associated with our reporting, especially for these districts who are using the Predictive Assessments & Item Banks. This is key to helping them inform instruction. 

Coming for back-to-school, Mastery Connect will have an updated reporting experience. In addition to new visualizations it will include expanded filters, saving and exporting options. Below you'll see a preview of our designs.   

Item Bank Improvements - The Mastery Item Banks contains great content, but the titles and discovery functionality can make it difficult to use items in the classroom. Educators also need a quick and easy way to provide feedback on items. 

One thing we have addressed in the short term was the ability to flag items in the item bank. We have embedded a form into Mastery Connect making it easier to submit feedback on item content. 



The team is exploring ways to make it easier to discover items in the item bank. We are looking at improved search, bulk actions, and organizational tools. These improvements are a little further out, but we are on it!

Proctoring Assessments -  Teachers are looking for more visibility into student actions as they are taking assessments, and are looking for solutions to make it easy to monitor testing sessions. 

One thing we heard was that it was difficult for teachers to see the student names as they were walking around proctoring an assessment in the classroom, so we increased the size of student names, making it a little easier in the short term (coming in the next week) while we explore longer term solutions. 


College and Career Readiness - Districts in Mississippi and across the nation are ensuring grade-level mastery and preparing students for life after high-school, and they would like to continue that work in Mastery Connect. 

The Mastery View College Prep Assessment is an ACT practice test that is now available online in Mastery Connect. Districts in Mississippi received a preview of the test and provided feedback on the value of the reports and need for additional instructional resources.

The team has been reviewing conversations and every suggestion and every idea has been carefully considered and cataloged. And while we can't promise immediate solutions to every challenge, we're listening, we're learning, and we're committed to working hand in hand with our customers to create a future where every learner can thrive.

So to everyone who joined us –  thank you. Thank you for your passion, your insights, and your unwavering commitment to excellence in education. If your district is interested in partnering with us, we have a number of features in beta, and would love to get your feedback. Please reach out to your CSM for additional informationI look forward to our follow up conversations, and I look forward to my next visit to our wonderful partner districts.