What are my licensing options around importing and sharing resources in Commons?

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Instructure Alumni

This document will to help navigate some of the licensing options around importing and sharing resources in Commons.


Resources shared to Commons display a license.

Whenever you share a resource to Commons, you are prompted to select a license for that resource or set of resources. Click onWhat types of content licenses are available in Commons? to learn more about selecting the type of license. The license is visible to all users on all resources in Commons.




Resources imported from Commons will not automatically display a license. Licenses must be re-established.

As soon as you import a resource from Commons, the license does not automatically transfer.


Example 1: If you import a file from Commons with 'All Rights Reserved' license, you should re-establish that licensing type in your files.



Click to learn more about setting usage rights for a file folder or course file.



Example 2: If you import a module from Commons with attribution, you should give credit to the material within the course (either in the module or in a content item within that module).





Example 3: If you import a course from Commons as 'public domain', you should update Course license settings to match.98181_pastedImage_26.png98181_pastedImage_26.png

Click to learn more about setting course licenses for my courses.