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What is Lecture Capture? Help us solve the puzzle with our survey!

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TL;DR: Lecture capture can be described in a plethora of ways, and we’d like to get your take on what it is for YOU specifically. We prepared a short survey and are excited to hear your voice on such an essential topic! It is much appreciated!

Lecture capture—a broad term with so many purposes. Is it a solution? A hardware device? Maybe a piece of software? Or a whole system? Chances are it would be different for me, you, and a colleague of yours whom you would now go and ask about it. Because capturing classroom lectures is one thing, but all the advantages it brings to the table is another. And we need your input to pick the right ones.

The foundations for lecture capture are already in Studio. For instance, when you launch your class on Zoom and carefully walk your students through your material with your webcam on the screen and record it with Studio—that’s some sort of lecture capture. But that’s not all: draw on the screen and highlight important pieces. Enhance the lecture with quizzes and annotations. Explore and utilize the user interactions insights. We are on our way to complete this jigsaw puzzle.




The question is: what pieces are missing from the general lecture capture experience? The dilemma is coming from the variety of ways people conceptualize it. Some may think that live streaming a lecture and recording it to access it anytime and anywhere properly describes it. Some believe that adding interacting capabilities are at least as important as accessing the lecture on demand. You may even look at it as a handful of tools to apply someone’s unique teaching style.

But instead of adding more ideas, let me stop here for now. The survey we prepared could really help us understand the general view on this question, so we are truly grateful for all of you who fill it out!

Fill out the survey here

Thank you for shaping Studio’s future with us!