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All Training Services Offerings

All Training Services Offerings



Product Training Options

Assessment Management - In-Person Onsite Training

Assessment Management includes easy to use tools to ensure that assessment data is used at every level, from the district office to the individual classroom. The accessible, integrated data provides valuable feedback to help improve teaching and learning.

Catalog - On Demand Course

Canvas Catalog is your institution’s storefront for course offerings. Admins can enroll as many participants as needed in our on-demand Catalog training course.

Canvas API - In-Person or Webinar Training

The Canvas API allows Canvas Admins to automate a variety of tasks in their institution’s Canvas instance. This training, intended for those with little to no programming background, provides essential resources for successfully using the Canvas API. Choose between an in-person onsite training or a 3-hour webinar training session.
Note: the webinar training can be divided into two separate (2-hour/1-hour) training sessions.

Product Training Options

Folio Management - On-Demand Course

With Folio Management, Canvas admins can generate custom, accreditation-ready reports with real-time analytics tied directly to student success initiatives. Admins learn how to securely access data about student engagement, learning outcomes and competencies, network connections, and interactions at the student, cohort, course, program, or institutional level. Training is provided upon purchase of this tool and delivered in an on demand course format.

Canvas Outcomes Assessment - On Demand Course

The Canvas Outcomes Assessment tool showcases student learning and skill mastery. With Outcomes Assessment, you can evaluate the impact of course, program, and institution initiatives by examining student artifacts within Folios. Training is provided upon purchase of this tool and delivered in an on demand course format.

Pathways - On-Demand Course

Canvas Pathways enhances student engagement through gamification. Students can navigate custom, stackable pathways to acquire new skills and competencies. This product seamlessly integrates with Badgr, our official Canvas badging partner, to recognize achievements at set milestones. Training is provided upon purchase of this tool and delivered in an on demand course format.

Portfolium - On-Demand Course

Portfolium is a tool that allows students to showcase their achievements, demonstrate competence, and display skill mastery for potential employers. In North America, Canvas students, instructors, and admins can access free Portfolium training in the Canvas Network and via the Training Services Portal. Users outside of North America should contact their Customer Support Manager for more information.

Practice - Webinar Training

The Practice platform lets students practice real-world skills and receive meaningful, timely feedback using peer-to-peer video assessment and coaching. Training is provided in a 2-hour live remote format.

Studio - On-Demand Course

Canvas Studio makes video instruction easy, engaging, and interactive. This Canvas product allows for engaging quizzing and productive discussion. Admins can enroll as many participants as needed in our on-demand Studio training course


Subscription Options

Subscription Training

Subscription training packages may be purchased for your entire organization or in seats of twenty users. These training resources provide a valuable tool when transitioning to Canvas or for long term training options to provide economical solutions to address new faculty training needs that occur on a yearly basis.

Access to Subscription Training titles are located in the same Training Services Portal as the free On Demand training courses and videos. Those who have the Subscription Training access will see additional titles.

Training Paths

Wondering which training titles are best for your role? Find your role or role most similar to those listed in the Training Paths deck.


Free Options are listed here

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