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Courses (Admins)

Courses (Admins)

In this video you will learn about how to use the Courses page, as well as how to manually create a course within your account.

Last updated 2023-06-02


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Video overviews reflect current feature functionality in Canvas; they are updated based on workflow changes, not on minor or non-functional interface enhancements. Depending on your institution's Canvas theme, the Canvas interface may display differently than shown in this video, but the functionality is the same.


Courses (Admins) Video Script


In this video, you will learn how to use the Courses page, as well as how to manually create a course within your account. 

To get started, click the Admin link in Global Navigation, and then click the name of the account. By default, the account opens to the Courses page. If you have organized courses in your account by sub-accounts, click the Sub-Accounts link to locate and open a sub-account and view the sub-account's courses. 

At the top of the Courses page you will see options for filtering and searching. You can filter the course list by terms - including active and past terms - using the terms drop-down menu. To search by course name or teacher, select the corresponding option from the Search By drop-down menu and type the name of the course or instructor in the search field. If you want to hide courses with no student enrollments, click the Hide courses without students checkbox. If Blueprint Courses are enabled in your account and you want to filter to view only blueprint courses, click the Show only blueprint courses checkbox.

On the Courses page, you will also see a list of the courses in your account. Published courses include a checkmark icon and unpublished courses do not display an icon. Unpublished courses are only accessible to teachers and course designers who are enrolled in the course, as well as account admins. Each item includes the name of the course, the course SIS ID, term, teacher, and sub-account. The course list can be sorted by any of those columns. Each item may also include the number of students enrolled in the course as well as links to add users to the course, view course analytics, and access settings for the course. To access a course, click the name of the course.

To manually add a new course, click the Add Course button. In the Add a New Course modal, enter a name for the course and a reference code for the course. The reference code is a short name for the course and will display above course navigation. Select a sub-account for the course to reside in. Finally, select a term for the course. By default, manually created courses are placed in the Default term, which doesn’t have specific dates attached. When you’ve finished entering information for the course, click the Add Course button.

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