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Groups Overview (Students)

Groups Overview (Students)

In this video you will learn about groups in Canvas.
Last updated 2023-06-01


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Video overviews reflect current feature functionality in Canvas; they are updated based on workflow changes, not on minor or non-functional interface enhancements. Depending on your institution's Canvas theme, the Canvas interface may display differently than shown in this video, but the functionality is the same.


Groups Overview (Students) Video Script


In this video you will learn about groups in Canvas. The Groups feature allows you to work in small groups with your classmates to collaborate on assignments, projects, and presentations. To access all groups in which you are a member, click the Groups link in Global Navigation. To visit a group home page, click the name of the group. You can also access course-specific groups directly from your course. In Course Navigation, click the People link. Then click the Groups tab, or in the Options drop-down menu, click the View User Groups link. On the Groups page, you will see a list of all course groups. Click the arrow next to any group name to view group details. If there are any self sign-up groups available to join, you can join the group by clicking the Join link. If you want to leave a group, click the Leave link next to the group name. Please note you may not be able to leave groups you are assigned to by your instructor. To view a group home page, click the Visit link. You can only access groups in which you are a member. The group home page includes a Group Navigation menu to access group features, a group content area that displays recent activity, and a Sidebar with links to edit the group and create a group announcement and a group Coming Up feed.

Your instructor may use groups to organize assignment submissions. Group assignment submissions are similar to regular assignment submissions. However, your instructor may require one submission for the entire group or request that each group member submit the assignment individually.

You can also create and participate in Discussions and Collaborations within a group. Discussions allow you to create and participate in discussions with members of your group. Collaborations allow you to create shared documents with members of your group.

You've now completed this overview video on Groups. For additional information on this or any other topic about Canvas, please visit You can also ask questions and engage with other Canvas users by visiting


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