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Outcomes Overview (Instructors)

Outcomes Overview (Instructors)

In this video, you will learn how to create, search for, and manage outcomes at the course level. You will also learn how to link them to student learning mastery.

Last updated 2023-06-02


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Outcomes Overview Video Script

In this video, you will learn how to create, search for, and manage outcomes at the course level. You will also learn how to link them to student learning mastery.

You can add outcomes created at an institution or account-level (like state learning standards or Common Core Standards), or you can create them yourself at the course-level. You can then align outcomes to assignment rubrics and quiz question banks to assess student learning. 

Click Outcomes in Course Navigation to view your outcomes. From the Outcomes Index page you can create and manage outcomes for your course. The first pane displays a list of all outcome groups and ungrouped outcomes for your course. To view the outcomes within a group, click the group name. Then view the outcome’s details by clicking the outcome name in the second pane. 

You can delete an outcome or outcome group by clicking the Delete Outcome button. You can also edit the outcome by clicking the Edit Outcome button. You also have the option to move the outcome to and from outcome groups by either clicking the Move Outcome button or by manually dragging and dropping the outcome. 

You can add existing outcomes by clicking the Find button. If your institution has already added outcomes you will see them in an Account group. You can browse available outcomes and you can import individual outcomes or outcome groups. Highlight the desired outcome or group and click the Import button. Use the side-to-side scroll bar or click the Back button to return to the top-level Outcomes. 

To add a new Outcome Group, click the New Group button. Type a name for your outcome group in the New Outcome Group field. Then, type a description for the group using the Rich Content Editor. Click the Save button to create the group. 

To create a new Outcome, select the appropriate outcome group, and click the New Outcome button. Enter the name of the outcome. You can also enter a Friendly Name, which is the outcome name that students will see when viewing their grades. Then, enter a description for the outcome using the Rich Content Editor. Edit the criterion ratings by clicking the edit icon in the appropriate criteria. You can then change the name and point value by typing in the text fields. Delete the criteria by clicking the Delete button. Click Ok to save the new criteria. Add additional criterion ratings by clicking the Insert link and entering the information. Type in the point value necessary to master the learning outcome in the Mastery at: field. You can then specify one of four calculation methods used for student mastery. Available calculation methods include Decaying Average, n Number of Times, Most recent Score, and Highest Score. Click the Save button to create the Outcome. 

Additionally, you can import outcomes using a CSV file. Click the Import button and select your file to start the upload. Once you've created outcomes, you can begin aligning them with different activities or assignments within your course. When creating or editing a rubric, you can add outcomes to your rubric using the Find Outcomes link. When you find an outcome you would like to align with the rubric, you have the option to Use the Criterion for Scoring. If you want the outcome criterion to be part of the total point value of the assignment, make sure the checkbox is marked. Outcome criteria are indicated by the outcomes icon in the rubric. Attach the Rubric to an assignment to communicate expectations and to assess student learning.

If you have enabled the Learning Mastery Gradebook in your course, you can view outcome assessment data to assess student learning . Click Grades in Course Navigation and select the Learning Mastery Gradebook view. The sidebar displays scoring information and options to modify the Learning Mastery Gradebook view. To exclude outcomes or students with no outcomes results from the view, select the applicable checkbox. Hover over the outcome name to view the outcome details and a summary of the scores in the course.

You've now completed this tutorial video on Outcomes. For additional information on this or any other topic about Canvas, please visit You can also ask questions and engage with other Canvas users by visiting


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