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Terms (Admins)

Terms (Admins)

In this video you will learn about Terms.

Last updated 2023-06-02


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Terms (Admins) Video Script

In this video, you will learn about Terms. A term is a period of time a course takes place in, such as a semester, trimester or quarter.

To view existing terms, click the Admin link in Course Navigation and select the account you’d like to update. Then click the Terms link in the account navigation menu. The terms page will display terms that have been previously created or imported.

To add a new term, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add New Term link. Enter the name of the term in the Term Name field. If you want to assign courses to the term using a SIS import, enter a SIS ID in the SIS ID field. To set the term’s overall start and end dates, use the Term Runs from and to fields. To assign different term dates for students, enter dates in the Students can Access from and to fields. If teachers, TAs or Designers require early access to set up their courses or late access to complete grading, you can modify the access dates for that role to be outside of the overall term dates. To set different availability dates for teachers, TAs, or Designers, use the access from and to date fields. Outside of term and access dates, users will have read-only access to courses. To save the new term details, click the Add Term button.

To assign a course to a term, click the Courses link in the account navigation menu find the course you want to assign to a term and click the Settings icon. In Course Settings, select the term from the drop-down menu. Please note that instructors can override the Student access dates set at the account in their course settings.

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